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28 November 2008 @ 11:18 am

I've decided to make my journal Friends Only, because you never know who is checking up on you =). I love new friends though, so feel free to add me, drop a comment, and I will definitely add you back =),

12 November 2008 @ 07:51 pm
Hello all! Well I thought I would start off by telling you all about myself and hopefully I will across as a decent, interesting sort of person...

My name is Catherine. I'm 19 years old, born 17th September 1989 in a smal town in Wales, UK. I've lived in same house all of my life, with my parents, and my three older sisters (26, 23 and 21), although right now I am the only one that has not yet flown the nest. I just finished my secondary school education where, for the last two years I was studying, History (my favourite subject!), Religious Studies and Sociology. I am currently enjoying a gap year, which has not yet turned into anything special, but hopefully in the new year I will be traveling out to Africa for a few months! And then come september 2009 I will be heading off to University in London to study Film Studies.

This is me... posing shamelessly.

I love everything fantasy. I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter and Twilight and I LOVE Robert Pattinson *swoon*. I actually met him twice back in 2006 when he was promoting Harry Potter 4 at a couple of Conventions in England. So yes ladies. I have TOUCHED Edward Cullen... although he wasn't Edward Cullen at the time... but no matter! I read fanfiction and not long ago tried my hand at writing some... but I gave up cause I don't have the patience for it. I ship Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ginny/Draco in HP and Bella/Edward, Jacob/Leah, Jacob/Nessie in Twilight.

I love my music and I have to have something playing all the time. I won't limit my taste to a particular genre, I'm more a lyrics kind of girl, if I hear a song with good lyics thats all I need. Right now I'm really into Flyleaf, Paramore, Superchi(k), Hidden In Plain View, Story of the Year, Soho Dolls, The Script and Dizzee Rascal.
My all time favourite bands are Muse, Maximo Park, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Hadouken, Pendulum, The Prodigy, Snow Patrol, Rise Against, Rage Against the Machine, Damien Rice, Kate Nash, Newton Faulkner, The Veronicas, Three Days Grace, Escape the Fate and so many more!

Well there you have it! I hope that was a good introduction. There is plenty more where that came from if you are really interesting.

Cath x